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Percutaneous tracheotomy group
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Percutaneous tracheotomy group

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[Scope of Application]

It is used to establish artificial airway during clinical tracheotomy.

[How to use]

Patient preparation:

Position: Generally take the supine position, put a small pillow under the shoulders, tilt the head back so that the trachea is close to the skin, and the exposure is obvious to facilitate the operation (if the patient has been intubated, the front end of the tracheal intubation should be withdrawn to the Above the incision of the tracheal incision, so as not to puncture the puncture needle into the tracheal intubation). Routine disinfection, spread sterile towels.

Anesthesia: Use safe and reliable conventional tracheal anesthesia.

Operating procedure:

1. Insert the probe into the front wall of the trachea between the 1, 2 tracheal rings or the 2, 3 tracheal rings in the middle of the neck. After the feeling of falling out, a large amount of gas is drawn back, which proves that it has entered the trachea. Remove the probe and keep the needle cover.

2. Insert the J-shaped guide wire from the needle cover into the trachea, generally 20~25cm is appropriate, and then take out the needle cover.

3. Make a 0.6-0.8cm horizontal skin incision on each side of the puncture point, using a J-shaped guide wire as a guide, use a water-soaked rotary dilator to expand the tracheostomy in a clockwise direction, and then rotate it counterclockwise to exit.

4. Insert the tracheotomy tube with the water-soaked insertion guide into the tracheal cavity along the J-shaped guide wire, fill the air bag, exit the J-shaped guide wire and insert the guide, and fix the tracheotomy tube with the fixed wings. Then connect the corresponding auxiliary equipment.

5. After tracheotomy, pay close attention to the patient's condition, and check whether the tracheostomy tube is off or not. If the patient has difficulty in coughing and sputum discharge, sputum suction and humidification should be performed.

6. The tracheostomy and intubation is usually pulled out and replaced after the tracheal incision forms the sinus a week after the operation.

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