Disposable balloon dilatation catheter

It is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal stricture or auxiliary expansion.

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Product description

Basic dimensions of balloon dilatation catheter

Specification model Outer diameter of sheath tube (+0.3-0.1 )*effective length of sheath tube
Balloon diameter (+0.8-1)*Balloon length
(&Plusmn;3 )(mm*mm)
Rated pressure
Burst pressure
Guide wire specifications
PBDC-2119-0620 2.1X1900 6X20 10 12 0.035”
PBDC-2119-0640 2.1X1900 6X40 10 12
PBDC-2119-0840 2.1X1900 8X40 8 12
PBDC-2119-0860 2.1X1900 8X60 8 12
PBDC-2119-1030 2.1X1900 10X30 6 10
PBDC-2119-1040 2.1X1900 10X40 6 10
PBDC-2119-1060 2.1X1900 10X60 6 10
PBDC-2119-1240 2.1X1900 12X40 5 8
PBDC-2119-1260 2.1X1900 12X60 5 8
PBDC-2119-1440 2.1X1900 14X40 4 8
PBDC-2121-1460 2.1X2100 14X60 4 8
PBDC-2121-1655 2.1X2100 16X55 4 6
PBDC-2121-1680 2.1X2100 16X80 4 6
PBDC-2121-1855 2.1X2100 18X55 3 6
PBDC-2121-1880 2.1X2100 18X80 3 6
PBDC-2121-2055 2.1X2100 20X55 3 6
PBDC-2121-2080 2.1X2100 20X80 3 6
PBDC-2121-2580 2.1X2100 25X80 2.5 4
PBDC-2121-3080 2.1X2100 30X80 2.5 4
PBDC-2121-3580 2.1X2100 35X80 2.5 4


[Scope of Application]

It is used for the treatment of gastrointestinal stricture or auxiliary expansion.

[How to use]

1. Preparation:

1. Check the equipment carefully before use to confirm that the packaging and products are in good condition.

2. There is a plastic protective sleeve and a support rod at one end of the balloon, which should be removed first.

3. Do not inflate or inject liquid into the balloon before use, and keep the balloon in a vacuum state.

2. Balloon expansion:

1. Under the monitoring of an endoscope or other auxiliary equipment, send a 0.035 inch guide wire to the narrow distal end and leave it in place.

2. Choose a suitable balloon dilatation catheter, insert it along the end of the guide wire, slowly and carefully send it to the stenosis site, and confirm that the two visualization marks are located at both ends of the stenosis site.

3. Use a pressurizing pump with a pressure gauge to inject liquid into the balloon. When the working pressure is reached, stop pressurizing and keep it for 1 to 3 minutes.


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