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Disposable linear kiss (stitch) combiner and nail compartment assembly
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Disposable linear kiss (stitch) combiner and nail compartment assembly

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[Scope of Application]

It is used to close the stump or incision in the reconstruction of the digestive tract and organ resection.

[How to use]

1. Check the aseptic packaging of the device, open the package and take out the device after confirming that it is not damaged;

2. Remove the red staple cartridge protective cover on the instrument;

3. Place the instrument on the part to be sutured, and push the positioning needle forward to make it enter the positioning hole correctly; Note: If the positioning needle cannot enter the positioning hole correctly, please carefully check whether the installation of the components is correct.

4. For a single firing of the handle, please always keep a good field of vision during the closing of the instrument, organize the tissues to avoid surrounding tissues or organs being caught in the instrument, and check the arrow on the handle of the positioning rod push plate “&uarr ;”Whether it is aligned with the black marking line on the fixed handle; if the alignment is not correct, push the positioning pin forward to make it aligned;

5. Firing the handle twice, clamp the tissue to be removed, and return the handle to its original position;

6. Fire the handle again to complete the tissue suture (just hold the firing handle to the end);

7. Before exiting the instrument, use a scalpel to remove the excess tissue that needs to be removed;

8. Press the reset button to exit the instrument.

9. If you need to replace the components, first confirm that the firing handle is reset, pull the positioning rod push plate handle to the bottom end, and remove the previously used components; take out the spare components from the aseptic package, install the components on the instrument, and check the positioning Whether the needle can enter the positioning hole, pull the positioning rod push plate and the positioning needle can slide up and down, indicating that the component is installed in place, remove the red protective cover on the component, and repeat steps 3~8.

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