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Disposable linear cutting kiss (stitch) combiner and nail bin assembly
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Disposable linear cutting kiss (stitch) combiner and nail bin assembly

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[Scope of Application]

It is used for the creation of anastomoses and the closure of stumps or incisions in gastrointestinal reconstruction and other organ removal operations.

[How to use]

1. In the operation of the linear cutting anastomosis (stitch) stapler, first unpack the aseptic package of the stapler, pull the movable handle locking lever, separate the instrument and take out the staple cartridge protective cover. 2. Clamp the tissue to be cut and sutured between the staple cartridge and the staple holder, put the positioning pin at the tail of the fixed handle into the positioning groove at the tail of the movable handle, and put the positioning protrusion of the staple holder into the positioning groove of the staple cartridge. Close the movable handle until you hear the locking sound of "crack" on the movable handle.

3. Push the firing button of the cutting stapler from the bottom of the instrument until it stops. There will be obvious resistance during the pushing process, which is necessary for the instrument to complete the operation, which is normal.

4. Return the firing button to the starting position, press the lock button of the fixed handle, separate the instrument, and complete the operation. If the same patient needs the same operation in different parts, that is, withdraw the staple cartridge and replace it with a new one (see the staple cartridge replacement method for details), and repeat the above procedure.

How to replace the staple cartridge:

1. Remove the inner and outer packaging, take out the staple cartridge assembly, and remove the protective cover.

2. Check whether the red limit button of the staple cartridge assembly is in the correct position (the limit button should be perpendicular to the axis of the staple cartridge, see the figure below), if it is not vertical, you can turn the limit button to make it perpendicular to the axis of the staple cartridge; /p>

3. Put the staple cartridge assembly into the lower splint of the disposable straight-line cutting kiss (stitch) combiner, which should be tightly assembled;

4. Perform surgical operations.

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